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    Default Re: What does the Crimson Mantle’s aging block do?

    Quote Originally Posted by CriticalFailure View Post
    I think he’s right about Redcloak not maturing and not gaining the perspective you get by aging, but idk if he’s that much of an expert on how Redcloak actually functions. I think it was obvious to him his brother hadn’t matured in the years they’d been apart, but when it comes to other topics he maybe has less insight.

    For one thing, that conversation was the first time he realized that Redcloak has the sunk cost fallacy thing due to his hang-ups with taking responsibility for the plan, apparently.

    Quote Originally Posted by CriticalFailure View Post
    additionally the fact that he never mentioned what he was planning to do to Xykon until the last minute, and the understandable but strategically poorly-conceived choice to push Redcloak away after being drafted by Xykon, as shown when he calls Redcloak “Xykon’s pet goblin.”

    I say this was strategically a poor choice because Right-Eye saw Redcloak change his mind when he was shown what he was missing out on and presented a viable alternative. While it completely makes sense for Right-Eye to no longer want anything to do with Redcloak after what happened, in order to get him on board with striking against Xykon when the time was right I think he needed to get him to be able to see an alternative to pursuing the plan, and further isolating him worked directly against that.

    Redcloak also repeatedly demonstrates a better understanding of Xykon than Right-Eye and if he had told his brother sooner it would’ve pre-empted the excuses about what Xykon would do and he could’ve taken advantage of Redcloak’s better understanding of Xykon to improve his plan.

    Basically I think strategically things would’ve worked out better if he’d either brought Redcloak in on things earlier or not told him about it at all and just done it.
    You need to close your spoiler tags.
    Right-Eye did not isolate himself from Redcloak, Red isolated himself from the other goblins, that is why he calls him Xykon's pet goblin.

    "Now this is a surprise. Xykon's pet goblin is slumming down here with the rest of us."
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    the Vector Legion [is the IFCC's new pawns], mark my words. Way too much unfinished business there and they already know about the Gates.
    I'll take that bet.