The Fey Knight

Race: Half-Elf


  • Oath of the Ancients Paladin: 8
  • Circle of Dreams Druid: 11
  • Celestial Sorcerer: 1

Feats and Needed Cantrips

  • Polearm Master
  • Warcaster
  • Shillelagh

Build Summary

This is mostly a support build. You should focus on your Wisdom before anything else, since that's where most of your spells are coming from, and will have access to 6th level Druid spells. You'll also have goodies like Aura of Protection to boost the saves of your allies, resistance to spell damage from Ancients Paladin, Lay on Hands and Balm of the Summer Court for some quick healing that can't be Counterspelled, and a mix of 1st level Cleric and Sorcerer spells. Eventually you'll gain the ability to teleport around the battlefield, or teleport your allies, with Hidden Paths, giving you some better mobility options and a way to save a friend if they need it. And best of all, most of those abilities don't use spells and are bonus actions, meaning you can use them and still cast something.

But just because this is a support class doesn't mean you can't hold your own in a fight. If you can get your hands on non-metal plate armor, which is do-able even in AL, you're be pretty tanky on top of all that, especially with Shield from the Sorcerer. And your damage is great too, since you can use Shillelagh to make your Quarterstaff magical, key off wisdom, and do a d8 instead of a d6. Mix that with Extra Attack, PaM's bonus action attack, and plenty of spell slots to Smite with, and you have a strong mix.

But that's not all, you're also a shoe in for magical staffs. Since you have Druid and Sorcerer, you can use almost any magical staff, such as Staff of the Woodlands, Staff of Power, or even just a Staff of Fire. While that is DM/Campaign dependent, the fact that you can use almost any staff you come across is a wonderful boon. Especially since this is an Adventures League legal build.


  • Support capabilities, to and including protecting self and allies from spells
  • On demand, non-spell, and some bonus action Healing
  • Access to Druid, Paladin, Sorcerer, and Cleric (if you go Celestial) spells/cantrips
  • Ability to tank extremly well, though it is dependant on DM
  • Can NOVA hard thanks to Smite, plenty of spell slots, and PaM bonus action attack
  • Is AL Legal


  • Too many Concentration spells thanks to Druid and Pladin
  • Reliance on Spell Slots for Casting and Smite
  • Reliance on DM for decent Armor, or requires Scorpion Armor from ToA if playing AL
  • One of the most MAD builds I've made
  • Almost requires you to be Half-Elf if doing Point Buy