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Redcloak can still gain experience and perspective, and have character growth. He can still mature in that sense. But I like the idea that in purely physiological terms, his brain is still a teenage brain and his body is still a teenage body. He has a grown man's experience and wisdom, but a young man's impetuousness and resentment. There is no difference between brain and body (yes, OK, souls exist in OotS, but most non-undead humans still run on wetware: see e.g. Redcloak pointing out that Paladins losing the ability to fear is something unnatural and in violation of biological instinct, Elan's brain damage, and if you really insist on direct in-comic proof, this comic has Qarr directly referencing the influence on behaviour of 100%-mundane good-old-fashioned chemical hormones on behaviour).

Redcloak has the hormone profile of a much younger, angrier man.
Thatís a good point, I had forgotten about those mentions.

Overall I think I find this line of thinking more persuasive. Itís not like teenagers canít learn and donít learn from experience. He can change and grow in some ways due to experience (and does do that in the story). There are also some things that are due to physically growing older that donít change, and when it comes to experience as his brother pointed out he lacks the experience of growing older and facing mortality and so doesnít gain the perspective that brings.

With the point about being younger and angrier... once again teenager must be the absolute worst age to be stuck at.