TN Dark Half-Ogre Aarakocra Snow Spider Entomanothrope Psychic Rogue 5/War Mind 1

Spoiler: wall of text

2d8+3d6+1d10+6 Hpís

Large Monstrous Humanoid (Extraplanar, Vermin, Shapechanger, Monstrous Humanoid, Giant)
Speeds: 60/climb 60/fly 60 average
NA +5 in all forms
Add racial BABís together
Special Attacks: as aarakocra in natural form, as vermin in vermin/hybrid form, class abilities in all forms
Curse of Ento (Su): any humanoid/giant of small to huge hit by a bite attack FORT DC 15 or contract entomanothropy.
Poison: spiderís poison active in hybrid form
Special Qualities: lose vermin traits, Alternate Form (Su) can assume form of a single type of vermin, add physical ability modifiers to base creature. Hybrid form: 2 humanoid arms and legs, wings, feathers but spiderís head.
DR 5/silver in all forms, Darkvision 60 in all forms
Ento Command (Su): as command undead, total 12 hd in spiders, lasts 1 hour
Ento Immunities (Ex): all mind affecting in all forms
+2 WIS -2 INT in all forms. Vermin/Hybrid +1 STR, +8 DEX, +2 CON

medium snow spider
Medium Vermin, 2d8+2, Init +4, Speed 40/Climb 40, AC 15 (+1 Natural, +4 Dex)
BAB/Grapple 1/1, Bite +5 melee 1d6 plus poison
Leap: as spring attack, if jumping on prey make charge at +4 instead of +2
Poison: CON DC 12, 1d4 DEX/Paralysis
Darkvision 60ft, Tremorsense 60ft, Use DEX for climb/Jump, can always take 10 on Climb
vermin traits: immune to mind affecting spells/abilities
S 11, D 18, C 13, I -, W 10, C 2
Spring Attack, Weapon Finesse
Hide +4 (+8 in snow/ice), +20 Jump, +8 Spot/Climb


Medium Monstrous Humanoid
-2 STR, +4 DEX
Speed 20/90 fly average, +1 NA
Natural attacks: while flying- 2 talons 1d4 or a weapon. Ground-weapons and bite as secondary -5 and 1d3+half STR. Proficient w/ javelin
+2 any 1 craft skill/know nature/listen/spot
Claustrophobic: -4 attack/skills in an enclosed area

Half-Ogre Increase size to Large, gain +10 to all speeds, NA +2, Darkvision 60ft, Giant Blood (counts as Giant in addition to base type/subtypes). STR +4, INT -2, CHA-2

Dark Creature LA +1 Ė extraplanar subtype, +10 to all movement modes. Darkvision 60ft, HiPS (ex), Resist cold 10, Superior lowlight. Hide +8, Move +6

I think this is right for stats:
Half-Ogre Aarakocra:
STR+2, DEX +4, INT -4, WIS +2, CHA -2
Dark Snow Spider:
STR+1, DEX+8, CON +2, INT -2, WIS +2
STR+1, DEX+8, CON +2, INT-4, WIS +2, CHA-2
32 point buy:
STR 7, DEX 14, CON 11, INT 18, WIS 11, CHA 13
Level up into WIS

Since stats are different in different forms, and those affect things like saves/skills, Iím assuming that Bonus Power Points/day based off INT are different in different forms as well. In a form with INT 14, PP/day are: 1-1, 2-2, 3-3, 4-4, 5-5, 6-6, in a form with INT 16 they increase to 2-3, 3-4, 4-6, 5-7, 6-9
PP from P. Rogue: 6, Hidden Talent: 2, War Mind 2, so 16-19 total at 6th

Powers Known:
1- Entangling Ectoplasm
1- Control Light
1- Precognition - Defensive
2- Cloud Mind
War Mind (Psy War)
1- Call Item

Call Item uses other than fun alchemical items: Myconids (MM2 157) can make mundane potions that mimic cleric/druid spells:
bullís strength, cure light wounds, cure moderate wounds, cure serious wounds, delay poison, endurance, endure elements, greater magic fang, invisibility to animals, lesser restoration, magic fang, negative energy protection, neutralize poison, protection from elements, remove blindness/deafness, remove disease, remove paralysis, resist elements

Call Item canít call specific things, but just calling a ďmyconid potionĒ and rolling a percentile die would get you something off the above list. Likewise you could call ďpoisonĒ or ďalchemistís FireĒ or other things that can be dropped from above or used to further incapacitate a potential victim.

Spoiler: Build

Skill points based off of INT in Humanoid form
Level Racial gestalt levels Class gestalt levels BAB Saves feats skills abilities
1 Snow Spider HD Psychic Rogue +1 F +4, R +4, W +0 Hidden Talent Ė Destiny Dissonance, (B)Weapon Finesse, (B) Spring Attack Autohypnosis 4, Balance 4, Climb 1, Concentration 4, Hide 4, Jump 1, Knowledge Psionics 4, Listen 1, Move Silent 4, Spot 4, Tumble 1 Leap, Poison, Darkvision 60ft, Tremorsense 60ft, Alternate Forms, DR 5/silver, NA+5, Ento Command, Ento Immunities, SA +1d6, Powers, Trapfinding, Hide +4/8 (ice/snowy)/+20 Jump/+8 Spot/Climb
2 Aarakocra HD Psychic Rogue 2 +2 F +4, R+5, W+0 (B) Flyby Attack, (B) Hover, (B) Improved Flight, (B) Wingover Autohypnosis 5, Balance 5, Concentration 5, Hide 5, Knowledge 5, Listen 2, Move 5, Spot 5 Evasion, Natural Attacks, Claustrophobic, +1 NA +2 Craft Alchemy/Knowledge Nature/Listen/Spot
3 Snow Spider 2 HD Psychic Rogue 3 +3 F +5, R +5, W +1 Ability Focus - Posion Autohypnosis 6, Concentration 6, Hide 6, Knowledge 6, Listen 4, Move 6, Spot 6 -
4 Aarakocra 2 HD Psychic Rogue 4 +4 F +5, R +6, W +1 Autohypnosis 7, Concentration 7, Hide 7, Knowledge 7, Listen 5, Move 7, Spot 7, Tumble 2 SA +1d6
5 Dark LA +1 Psychic Rogue 5 +4 F +5, R +6, W +1 Autohypnosis 8, Concentration 8, Hide 8, Knowledge 8, cc-Know History 2, move 7, Spot 7 Hide in Plain Sight, +10 speed, Resist Cold 10, Superior Low Light, Hide +8, Move +6, (extraplanar), Danger Sense
6 Half-Ogre LA +1 War Mind +5 F +7, R +8, W +0 Psi-Crystal Affinity, (B) Alertness Autohypnosis 9, Concentration 9, Knowledge 9, Psicraft 1 Size increase (Large), +10 to all Speeds, Giant Blooded, NA +2, Chain of Personal Superiority +2, Powers
Free Entomanothrope LA - - - -
1- Spit Venom: ranged touch attack, 25-30ft, REF DC as poison, or blindness for 2d6 hours
2- Psychic Meditation: access to 7 abilities, most often use 3rd eye for 6 temp PP, or Solar to boost saves
3- Improved Paralysis: +4 to DC for paralysis
4- Quick Change: switch form as a move action
5- Spirit of the Beast: can use spiderís Bite/Poison attack in Humanoid form, as Large (d8, higher dc)
6- Trickery Devotion: 1/day for 6 mins, create duplicate of yourself, acts as major image/unseen servant
7- Mindsight: Detect/Pinpoint non-mindless w/in 1 mile range
8- Darkstalker: forces creatures w/ alternate senses to make a spot check to see you
9- Iron Will: thatís +2 on that
10- Improved Initiative: thatís +4 folks

Spoiler: sources/etc

Psicrystal Ė(Resolved +2 will saves)
Dimunitive Construct
6HD, 1/2 Masterís HP, Saves as Master
STR 1, DEX 15, CON - , INT 8(lvls added in), WIS 10, CHA 10
Speed 30/climb 20, AC 16, BAB/Grapple +0/-17, +2 INT, +2 NA
Construct Traits, Hardness 8, Skills as Master (at least 4 in Spot, Listen, Move, Search)
Granted Abilities: (B)Alertness, Improved Evasion, Personality, Self-Propulsion, Share Powers, Sighted, Telepathic Link, Deliver Touch Powers, Telepathic Speech


Complete Adventurer: Improved Flight 110
Complete Champion Ė Trickery Devotion 63
Dragon #313: Half-Ogre 95, Quick Change 31, Spirit of the Beast 31, Spit Venom 91
Frostburn: Snow Spider 155
Expanded Psionics Handbook: Hidden Talent 67, Psicrystal Affinity 49, War Mind 155
Libris Mortis: Improved Paralysis 27
Lords of Madness: Darkstalker 179, Mindsight 126
Monster Manual: Wingover 304
Monster Manual 2: Hover 18
Monster Manual 3: Ability Focus 303
Playerís Handbook: Feats 90
Races of Faerun: Aarakocra 132
Tome of Magic: Dark Creature Template 158

http://archive.wizards.com/default.a.../psm/20040827b psychic meditation
http://archive.wizards.com/default.a.../psm/20040827e call item
http://archive.wizards.com/default.a...d/re/20040621a Entomanothrope
http://archive.wizards.com/default.a.../psm/20040723b Psychic Rogue

Putting it all together:
Natural Weapons are usable w/ Weapon Finesse, meaning our Bite attack is at a +6 to hit right from level 1. Destiny Dissonance provides an automatic -2 to all saves just by being in contact w/ our victim, effectively +2 DC for Poison (14 total). Ability Focus bumps that another +2 (16 total). Spirit of the Beast allows you to use they hybridís natural attacks in humanoid form at the damage a large size creature (spider) would do (1d6 DEX/paralysis +2 DC), so now the total is dc (18). Spit Venom has the same DC as the poison attack as a ranged option usable w/ Flyby Attack, but applies Blindness for 2d6 hours instead, meaning among other things that the target is flat-footed, as well as auto fails the Spot check imposed by Darkstalker effectively making you invisible. Improved Paralysis then makes the secondary save a DC on a bite 22 or face a no-duration Paralyze effect.

Psi-Crystal and Trickery Devotion both provide more ways to flank/SA your enemies. Psi-Crystal Affinity also grants Telepathy at a 1 mile range w/ your Psicrystal, which then qualifies you for Mindsight at that same 1 mile range. Iron Will and the personality of the Psicrystal grant a total of +4 to the nonexistent will save. Plus the Psi can aid your actions, thus providing another +2 to all your skill checks.

Entangling Ectoplasm among other things keeps your enemies in place or prevents them from running away. It also provides a penalty to DEX of -4, which paired w/ the Spit Venom save which is REF based, now increases the likelihood of it hitting more often as well, making that a DC 22 REF save. Control Light helps create areas of darkness to hide in (27 10ft cubes), and pairs w/ Hide in Plain Sight which has a +26 Hide bonus attached to it, +30 if Control Light is used to completely darken an area. Precognition is a flat +1 to AC and all saves, and a further +1 for each 3pp spent for 1min/level. Cloud Mind helps you also to get into position, or to bypass a stronger enemy.