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    Does no one know what the Hagunemnon's immunities are, though? It's odd that they're not included in its own statblock... and I still want to know!
    Now we're truly back where we started, because it was reading over the stat block that made me notice that Intimidate skill. And the reason I was reading? Trying to find the list of immunities, and failing completely.

    The Pathfinder version online has immunity to acid and polymorph attacks, as well as resistance (10) to electricity and sonic attacks. It also has a 50% chance to avoid added damage from sneak attacks and critical hits due to the shifting nature and location of its vital organs. However, this protean is considerably different from the 3.5 protean. The Pathfinder Protean is a serpent-like Outsider. link
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    Also, everything Darth Paul just said.
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