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I took a pause on Complex work for February and a part of March. I also got really spotty in my PBP posting, and these two facts are connected. I saw a job posting at Studio MDHR (the folks what made Cuphead) that I seemed reasonably qualified for, so I went on a mad sprint to throw an application together. I made a pretty portfolio, but more than that, I made a whole other game for that portfolio, to flesh it out some. It's a playable essay on game feel in 2D platformers, and how controls, polish, and level design all contribute to it. While I don't think I got the job, I am proud of the game, and will be further polishing it up for future portfolios/applications. It's called Bear With Me, and you can download it here!

Now that the sprinting is done, and I've had some time to recover from said sprinting, I'm back in the saddle for Complex development. My goal is to get another playtest session going sometime around the end of April to mid May. Progress is going great, and thus far I have no reason to believe that we'll miss that target. Fingers crossed!
Bodacious! I was starting to wonder what the haps indeed was so I'm glad it was a productive couple of months.

I came out of my jan-feb painting slump and I'm fully back in the saddle. I've just about finished two more Infinity armies but they're still in progress. Ideally I get them both 100% by this time next month, at which point I will be taking all of the pictures.