Hiya! I really love the way you build characters, and was wondering if you could help me with a character I want to play, but I'm struggling on finding something that really feels right.

I know I want to play a lizardfolk, and that I want to play a low magic class. By that I mean a class whose primary function isn't as a spell caster, but some incidental casting is ok (ranger or paladin spells for example). I'd be open to any combination of ranger, barbarian, rogue, monk, and fighter. I want to specifically avoid wizard, sorcerer and cleric, but might be swayed by hexblade warlock if it were melee or ranged focused. I have a soft spot for druids, but if going druid I'd want to focus primarily on the wild shapes. I'm not sure how viable that is in 5e though. The anti-synergy with barbarian and monk's armor kinda stumped me, but those were the first ones I looked at.

We use point buy, but in the past we were able to convince the DM to let us roll and use that if it ended up better.

One of my thoughts were that the ranger or druid would have an affinity for reptiles and insects and shun mammals, but I don't know where to take that.