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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackhawk748 View Post
    Going by X-Wing the Not! TIE/LN starfighters have some weak shielding, less than the TIE Avenger (which was only 40 SBD compared to the T-65's 50 SBD, not a huge difference) and less than the TIE Phantom. While I don't have the hard numbers for the Phantom or the NO TIE, the Phantom has the same Shield rating as the X-Wing in hte X-Wing Minis game and that seems consistent with its portrayls in other media.

    The NO TIE, however, has a shield rating of 1, half that of the T-65 and the shielded TIE variants that the Empire produced. Yes I know that the one doing the Bull Rush is Kylo's TIE and so it probably has better shields, but the thing is also built off of a TIE Interceptor chasis (or at least it's basica design is inspired by said fighter) which means that its really, really fast and agile. So it's still stupid.

    Yes, the scene was neat and all, but that doesn't stop the situation from being dumb. Stop making Kylo any dumber than he already was, he doesn't need help.
    The TIE Silencer is reminiscent in shape of the Interceptor, but it is closer in heritage to the Tie Advanced X1, and it is equipped with a hyperdrive and deflector shielding.

    Edit: Oops, my mistake. Watching the trailer again, that TIE has a different chassis than Ren's Silencer. So yeah, it may be an updated Interceptor since they share the same Spherical centre.
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