Well, damn. Palpatine, huh? I mean, on the one hand, that does address one of my major criticisms of the sequels, the lack of a credible, threatening villain. On the other hand there are so many problems with it that I don't even know where to start. It plays right into Abrams' noticeable tendency to just rehash the originals from TFA in the worst way, literally bringing back one of their main antagonists, and that despite us having seen him die. It was done once before in the EU, and while I didn't read that story (I think it was a comics thing rather than a novel?), I thought it was a dumb idea the first time I heard of it, and I've heard secondhand that it went no better than I would have expected. And on top of that it's another step towards making the entire original trilogy not matter at all, erasing another of the things the heroes accomplished there. Just... oof.

Yeah, my decision to not see this unless reactions from people who didn't like the sequels so far are surprisingly positive very much stands.

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Really? Y'all leaving all the optimism up to me? I will shoulder this burden, then. Ep 9, y'all ! WOOOOOOOOOO!
I'm guessing that for many of us, optimism for the sequels died in TLJ. I know the last small vestiges of mine gave up the ghost at the same time as Luke, personally.

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Yeah, the title fits what I was expecting and hoping for from TLJ, but... every known Skywalker is dead now, so how could it be "The Rise of Skywalker" without being a prequel?
Easy: they're going to retcon Rey's parentage so that she's a Skywalker. Seriously, that is almost certainly what's going to happen, I think, even though that makes even less sense now than it would have if they'd done it in TLJ. And a pity, too, her parents being nobodies is on the very short list of things I did like in TLJ.