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Thread: Deck of spells (3.5)

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    Default Deck of spells (3.5)

    Because I like the mechanic and character of drawing a card for a random effect but the 3.5 deck of many things is a trap, how do we feel that this would work?

    This deck of cards grants knowledge of magic at random to the user. At the beginning of each day, the user may draw one card at random from the pack. As they draw the card, they gain the knowledge of one random spell which they can use once that day and that day only with a caster level equal to their class level.

    Spades: [list of 13 vaguely useful wizard spells, going from e.g. Ace of Fly to 2 of Prestidigitation]
    Hearts: [list of 13 vaguely useful cleric spells]
    Diamonds: [list of 13 vaguely useful bard spells]
    Clubs: [list of 13 vaguely useful druid spells]
    Joker: Gain the knowledge of a level 1 or level 0 spell of your choice from one of the caster lists above

    The spells cast require no components etc.
    Shuffle the cards back in once used. Any attempt to trick the deck into granting extra spells breaks the artefact.

    Would this be fun/useful, and how would you cost it? (I'd guess a big part of the cost would depend on the average spell level granted)
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