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Mirai shakes his head, then looks sincerely at the many-tailed pink ball of floof. "Thank you for showing me around, Tour-chan, I appreciate your help. Let's get along and work together from now on!" He replies energetically, and then waves as she leaves, remembering to shout to her back. "... and sorry if I said anything wroooong!"

Cessily's eyes glitter, then she kisses Felandria's fingers. As if to say to Mirai "Don't worry, I chose you first", she also kisses his cheek, which makes him chuckle.

"So, Fel-san. What can I do to help out in HALO?" He asks as his pokemon leans against him, patting her belly.
Fel returns the favor with a little kiss on the top of Cessily’s head.

Well, what do you believe you would be most effective doing?