Got a new switch game a couple days back!

Super Dragonball Heroes World Mission Hero Edition.

A gosh darn mouthful that one is.

So you're generic preteen shounen protagonist who never played the world famous card game so popular there is a district in a large metropolitan city completely dedicated to it.

you just casually stroll up to a tournament with thousands of spectators and register, without a deck mind you, and are given the equivalent of a ****ty "here are my spares I don't want" preconstructed Universe 7-themed deck by the lady at the counter.

and you proceed to unceremoniously beat this 6 year old in suspenders and a bowtie with such incredible strategies as "i attacks withs alls my mans", something that makes a Great Saiyaman 3 cosplayer, a guy so good at the game NPCs call him "the Master", take note of your brilliant skills and take you under his wing.

And then out of nowhere Cooler, the actual movie villain, arrives and basically threatens to kill everyone who are all like "great cosplay mate, you know the Saiyaman 3 guy?". after miraculously deflecting an energy ball from Cooler using literal plot armour, Saiyaman 3 tells you that bad guys from the dragonball videogame are invading the real world and you need to jump into the digital world and stop them.

So yeah, they took the plot of Digimon and went "but what if Dragonball, and card games?"

The game itself is interesting. I'm still very early in and learning how it works. you start off with a deck made up of 7 characters. these are usually some variations of a dragonball character like Kid Goku or Super Saiyan Gogeta. they each have their own super attack and various abilities that can buff themselves or allies or debuff the enemy team. you can also equip each card with 4 different accessories that modify them, from stat boosts to new specials or a custom team up.

Matches are 5 rounds and cards can be put into attack or defense position. when attacking you generate hero energy, which allows the use of abilities and special attacks, but uses stamina. characters with no stamina can't guard and take extra damage and don't really provide any hero energy. characters in defense regain stamina and can use support abilities. each round both sides get to attack, with the side committing the greater power amount going first.

the twist is that there are 1100+ character cards, gained though playing the gacha.

but it's not pay to win. there is no premium currency and all all the gacha tickets are gained in-game by completing story missions, the equivalent to achievements or user-generated missions, and this includes the guaranteed rare tickets, so yes you can farm them. doubles gained though the gacha return generic ticket stubs (higher the rarity = more stubs) that can be use to buy gacha tickets (10 stubs for a normal, 50 stubs for a guaranteed rare).

in addition to these 1100+ cards, you can create your own custom cards by using "blank" cards of various rarities with a point total to use towards setting the stats and abilities, that you can either buy using zenni or as a drop/reward. So you want a Kid Goku who uses the Galick Gun? there you go. Want to make a nobody like Sugesh that hits like a truck but is made of paper? there you go.

having loads of fun for now. i streamed the first hour of storymode and played the player created missions for a bit off stream so i would have some tickets to pull with when i next stream.

the player missions are abuseable though. If you've played pokemon and remember when they brought back secret bases, people were making the Chansey training rooms for easy XP? think that, but less for XP and more for those card customization bits, gacha tickets and super dragonballs (which can give various boons like exta inventory)