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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaotic Bob View Post
    [The Docks - A Ruined Tavern]

    The good news for everyone is that there isn't a horde of screeching monstrosities waiting to meet them in the collapsed building, or rushing out to overwhelm the surrounding area more than it already is. It's actually pretty quiet, as long as you ignore the sounds of unstable rubble shifting and settling.

    The less good news is that this is going to pose a travel obstacle.
    While the walls themselves are intact enough to simply walk past, perhaps ducking under a beam or two, a large portion of the ceiling/roof collapsed directly inwards. There's no real supernatural obstacle here, so adequate displays of strength or petite nimbleness can get everyone where they want to go, it's just going to be annoying and probably not as quick as they would like. (Or not, maybe someone just disappears all of the rubble at once? Options!)

    However the group elects to deal with that, they will inevitably come upon the lower portion of the angel-flower's stalk. It's an ugly brown now, seemingly having gone some form of rapid dehydration and death, and has very clearly erupted up from the floorboards of the tavern's main room where it presumably then clawed up through the ceiling and became the nasty problem everyone is familiar with. Boards are cracked and lopsidedly bent around it but there is a distinct lack of "enter here!" doorways or paths built into it.
    It's not a very hard leap of logic to assume it has originated from the sewer area below the building, the question is just how to get there from here.

    Remove the plant? Remove the ground? Alternative path?
    [The Docks - A Ruined Tavern]

    A better question would be if there were stormdrains that were large enough to fit them inside, or they would have to do more than just remove a few bars.
    This question can likely be attributed to differences between EU and the US as Anika's player is from the part of EU where stormdrains are very rarely large enough to fit a person inside. Least of all a 7 feet tall person like Anika.

    "Can't we just blow it up some more, with fire, just in case something decides to crawl out of there?" Anika suggests. "Then we can go searching for an alternative way in, or just go through all that."

    [Not-so-Strange Happenings]

    Nothing was strange about Kiph today.

    And that made Kiph dangerous.

    Being a gigantic wolf man tended to do that on its own, but Kiph was also a thoroughly unpleasant individual. So much so that no one even batted an eye when he was running through the streets snarling like a madman. That always happened when he had a bad day, or so everyone living near his apartment said.

    Yet if nothing seemed strange about Kiph's behavior, when his immediate family soon started to act the same way, people started to realize.
    Kiph was especially dangerous today since nothing had been strange about him as he was the patient zero for a new mental affliction that seemed to have no physical symptoms and only infected people that were somehow related animals or supernatural beings.

    No one would actually understand this until far later however. All that was reported in the papers was about a peculiar, but isolated, incident where Kiph and his family lived. Would that be enough for anyone to investigate further? The Azure Clover was taking keen interest at least...

    {Plot Post 2}
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