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    I take your point. Let's call this deck something else - The Deck of Many Spells, maybe?

    Idea for how it came to be: A party's wizard, cleric, and druid meet with their sponsor, a somewhat legendary bard, to discuss a wedding gift for their party's beatstick, Graarg the barbarian. For some time now, Graarg has been hankering after magic powers of his own. His favourite toy is an action trigger eternal wand of minor image that he once had commissioned, and which he uses whenever the opportunity presents itself. Such as for display of lewd images to distract opponents on the brink of battle. That kind of thing.

    Anyhow, one of them has come across an obscure tome on item crafting, and after a little too much wine, they realise they have a way, using this tome, to grant their buddy limited access to some of their own favourite tricks. And the rest is history.

    Spell list:
    Ace of spades: Fly
    King of spades: Fireball
    Queen of spades: Dispel Magic
    Jack of spades: Invisibility
    10 of spades: Mirror Image
    9 of spades: Web
    8 of spades: Scorching Ray
    7 of spades: Feather Fall
    6 of spades: Grease
    5 of spades: Sleep
    4 of spades: Magic Missile
    3 of spades: Prestidigitation
    2 of spades: Detect Magic

    Ace of hearts: Magic Circle against Evil
    King of hearts: Cure Serious Wounds
    Queen of hearts: Protection from Energy
    Jack of hearts: Spiritual Weapon
    10 of hearts: Bull's strength
    9 of hearts: Cure Moderate Wounds
    8 of hearts: Hold Person
    7 of hearts: Bless
    6 of hearts: Sanctuary
    5 of hearts: Shield of faith
    4 of hearts: Cure Light Wounds
    3 of hearts: Guidance
    2 of hearts: Cure Minor Wounds

    Ace of diamonds: Confusion
    King of diamonds: Charm Monster
    Queen of diamonds: Major Image
    Jack of diamonds: Suggestion
    10 of diamonds: Tongues
    9 of diamonds: Heroism
    8 of diamonds: Alter Self
    7 of diamonds: Hideous Laughter
    6 of diamonds: Charm Person
    5 of diamonds: Silent Image
    4 of diamonds: Unseen Servant
    3 of diamonds: Message
    2 of diamonds: Ghost Sound

    Ace of Clubs: Call Lightning
    King of Clubs: Summon Nature's Ally III
    Queen of Clubs: Wind Wall
    Jack of Clubs: Spider Climb
    10 of clubs: Gust of Wind
    9 of clubs: Summon Nature's Ally II
    8 of clubs: Summon Swarm
    7 of clubs: Goodberry
    6 of clubs: Entangle
    5 of clubs: Summon Nature's Ally I
    4 of clubs: Speak with animals
    3 of clubs: Light
    2 of clubs: Create Water

    I've been deliberately selecting SRD spells only to make this item as universally applicable as possible. I've also tried to pick spells that would either be generally fun or generally useful, but I don't think this would break at all if you wanted to swap out a spell for another of the same level.

    For those of you who'd want a degree of trap to the item, you could also have a cursed version where the user has a risk of accidentally casting a spell at once whenever they draw a card. EDIT: Or a version where there was a risk of misfire etc. But this is really just meant to be a bit of fun, to give access to one random spell each day and let the player see what use they can find for it.

    Spell list Edits: Shillelagh swapped out for Entangle. Acid Arrow swapped out for Scorching Ray.
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