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    Earl Ayabit Zaqaru for the Sashaw Starship Race

    One of the contestants in the Sashaw Race is Earl Ayabit Zaqaru, flying a military Scout vessel for the Starship competition. She is sixty-one years old and a distant relative of Duke Abolar Zaqaru. A ranking officer, she has years of experience as fighter pilot before gaining her title of Earl.

    She looks with Greed to the price money of the starship competition. Well known for both her Stubbornness as well as Bravery, she would not be denied a competing place in the Sashaw Race. Those she has flown alongside also typify her as Cruel and Cynical, though in her public appearances she hides these traits.

    The vessel she flies in is one of the fastests spaceships available to Zaqaru, the scout vessel. It is several modifications for the race, such as stripping it of the lone gun the scouts otherwise carry and installed with a heavier engine. The use of the military space vessel is both an asset as well as a downside. The result of work from state run operations makes it of high quality and outfitted with one of the strongest engines around, but due to its military origins, it is not as hyper specialised in the role of a race as some of the other big players.

    Earl Ayabit Zaqaru has her many years of experience as officer and pilot to use for the race, allowing her to deal with a wide range of situations under pressure with ease. Her bravery and stubbornness will be assets, though she does not have a long carrier in races itself, her responsibilities as earl drawing away from it too. She also has to rely on experience, instead of young vigour. How she will compete in the race is not an easy prediction, though expectations are that to compete with her will require at the very least the backing of a major galactic player, leading to the general estimate that she will wind up at a high place.


    The fastest manned spaceship of the Zaqaru fleets, the Scout is a fighter which serves as reconnaissance in the battlefield, keeping a close eye on enemy numbers. Flying in squadrons of three to ensure there is always backup available, even deep beyond enemy lines, it also provides a higher chance of getting sensitive intelligence back to the fleets. The smallest spaceship in the Zaqaru fleet, at a length of 11 meters.

    The Scouts are equipped with a wide array of sensor equipment and little can escape their attention unnoticed. The design of the fighter originates from an original to move through asteroid belts and scan for resources, with its speed and manoeuvrability serving it well in the dangerous environment. A common tactic of the scouts remains to use asteroids for cover to gain their intelligence, as they can move through dense debris with ease where larger spaceships find themselves hampered or blocked.

    The scout design is not only used on the battlefield as there are reports that Zaqaru agents use the spaceships as well to quickly reach their destination or to pick up signals. Another role they fill is that of patrol spaceship. Focused on sensors, Scouts are equipped with only a small projectile weapon, unfit for extended battle. It relies on its speed and manoeuvrability to evade enemy fire and escape from the battle.

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