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I'd go further than that. IRV doesn't work well for the application at all. To top it off, the fact that the curator finds running votes to be "exhausting" means the situation is biased towards inertia.
If you are the hero of a kingdom, and whenever the king wants a new sofa you have to spend 50 days to go through the Trail of Horrors to fetch a Lumpersand Beast pelt, then even if you are loyal to the king and would do anything to him, you would still be really annoyed when he asks for a new sofa. Why? Because even if you can do it safely, and even if it is not too much trouble, its still 50 days travelling through the Trail of Horrors.
Same concept here: Grey Wolf is arguably obligated to do votes, and does them willingly. That doesn't mean he wants to do them constantly nor that he doesn't find them tiring to do.