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[Seeking Help]

The pillow hits her in the face and her expression immediately darkens as she grabs the pillow before it even lands on the floor. "Maybe if you stopped being a little ****?" Despite her sentence not exactly being a reply to what Eliseo just said, or anything at all really, she won't let it stop her from throwing back the pillow at him.
"Geez, it's my house, kiddo. I can be in bed to dinner if I feel like it." Not that Nadia would ever allow that.
Ana is ignored while Irena let's her emotions flare.
Seeking Help

Pillows are hurled and counter-hurled! It's kinda endearing, and Anastasia can't help but titter softly as she watches. She doesn't pipe up and interrupt the family scuffle though. That would probably be rude, right?