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    You're right, of course. This isn't a replacement for that deck. It's just using a similar mechanic to have a harmless a d sometimes useful result.

    On reflection, I'd also say it's of much less than artifact level power. Compare and contrast its power and utility to that of an eternal wand, for instance; the latter would give you twice/day access to a spell you actually want. Whereas this is just a bit of fun, really.

    EDIT: How about if this item existed in each of the following versions:

    Deck of spells, eternal
    Draw one card per day as a half action; you may cast the corresponding spell once in the same day by playing the card as a half action. Caster level is equal to your character level; shuffle the card back in when cast, or at the end of the day.

    Deck of spells, immediate
    Draw a card as a half action. You immediately cast the corresponding spell as a free action, with a caster level of 10. You may select the target of the spell. Once cast, spells are discarded from the deck. You may, if you wish, look through the deck as a full round action to see which cards are remaining. Shuffle the deck after looking through it.

    Deck of spells, cursed
    As "immediate", but the character drawing the card is the target of the spell. However, the person holding the deck may, if they wish, offer the deck to another PC or NPC to draw from. (Where target would be unclear, some degree of DM fudge may be appropriate, eg summoning a nature's ally with this deck might mean that it appears on the target's head, or that it attacks the target, or that it follows the target around and protects them; similarly shillelagh... actually, let's just swap that out for the more useful entangle).

    Optional extra rule: With a DC 25 UMD or sleight of hand check, a character may draw two cards from the deck and pick one. With a DC 50 check they may pick 3 and use 1 or 2. Cards not selected are shuffled back into the deck.
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