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[Mr. Fezziro's Wonderful Emporium - A Brand New Day]

This morning, there's an unusual individual approaching the shop - someone who's been out all night from the look of her windblown... wig? Indeed, that's not real hair, though the wearer has done a remarkable job of making it look so.

After all, it's rather unlikely someone completely covered in scales would grow a normal head of hair.

Standing the better part of ten feet tall, she towers over the shop, and is bulky to boot, with all of her limbs packed with muscles. A crocodilian tail drags along behind her, and she smells of the wind, her outfit revealing much of her body, customized for movement, flexibility, and durability as it is.

The large seemingly reptilian woman steps towards the cart curiously, and when she speaks her harrowingly gravely voice is kept low - it might have been a near whisper in the throat of a normal person, but with Emily's massive throat and lungs, the volume is approximately close to what a normal human might manage with a normal speaking tone, "Uh, hi. I don't think I've ever seen an actual peddler's wagon before."
Fezziro's - Emily

"That's because the art of peddling is a lost one!" The beak-masked and thoroughly strange man behind the counter exclaims, the words "I've never seen a nine and a half foot croc-lady either" dying before ever being uttered, or perhaps never even being thought at all. Whatever she was shaped like, this was a Customer.

Hopefully. He'd done well by Inside so far, three customers last night just as he set up shop and now another one first thing this morning! Maybe he'd get some browsers later on around mid-day when people went on lunch. They might tell their coworkers, who might stop by after work... Well if not, at least he could try something more bombastic to attract attention.

"Tell me your troubles, tell me your worries! If I don't have a trinket somewhere here that can brighten your day, I'll hand you something special just for browsing my shop, no charge! And everything here is special. I don't have a single item to sell without an extensive history. And special powers? Oh my I'm swimming in ancient mystical amulets, thrice-blessed coffee grinders, and unknowable tomes of mystic scribbles! I can't move for special powers. Go ahead young miss, ask me for the story of any object you're interested in, or tell me a problem you're having or a special item you could do with having, and I will guarantee you results!" Everything is said in one huge burst of air, matching her whispers with explosive enthusiasm.