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    Quote Originally Posted by Eldan View Post
    The angels are not a unified force. THey do whatever their god commands them to do. I'm sure there are some good gods around who would meddle in the war, but I don't think I've ever seen it written up.

    Celestials, though... it's established canon that Celestia thinks that Hell is of course a terrible place, but also the best bet anyone has to stop the Abyss from destroying the multiverse eventually, so they support hell with resources, at least, but probably not troops. At least not openly. The Eladrin, meanwhile, hate the Abyss too much to help them, what with capturing and torturing all their children, but they are extremely goood at helping mortals topple the lawful evil social structures that hell needs for soul support.
    For each LE governor with great skills at organization killed hell becomes better organized.
    Support the devils by killing the skilled lawful evil people!
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