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I was wondering if anyone has an effective ranged flying character that comes online by level 10? Mounted or self flying is fine by me, I am kind of interested in something like that as I haven't had an opportunity to try out an aerial battle yet. I was thinking Sword Bard would be easiest due to Find Greater Steed, and Mobile Flourish would let you slaughter enemy mounted flyers, while you might want to use some method of restraining to make a natural flyer fall.

Bard is not required, as I am willing to try most things. I know the Warlock was suggested as an option, in an old guide but I am not sure of a reliable method to let them fly.

Notes: 3 rare magic items at most, any printed options are OK, the game is set in Ravnica if that helps.
Orzhova Glamor Bard.

Snag find greater steed along with expertise in animal handling and athletics. Snag mounted combatant, Crack double spirit guardians and spam command "fall" on anything with wings.