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    Quote Originally Posted by Nhorianscum View Post
    Orzhova Glamor Bard.

    Snag find greater steed along with expertise in animal handling and athletics. Snag mounted combatant, Crack double spirit guardians and spam command "fall" on anything with wings.
    Unfortunately doubling Spirit Guardians doesn't work. Remember: the "Range" line of a spell only defines the initial target, not all of the targets of the spell effect. Spirit Guardians initially targets you, but also targets an area. When in doubt, remember that per the general spell rules in the PHB, creatures that make a save against the spell DC are also targets of the spell. This is why (for instance) Fireball or Symbol refers to creatures caught in the area as "targets," even though Fireball initially targets a point and Symbol initially targets an object.

    Some relevant references:

    That said, Spirit Guardians is still great and well worth flying around with.
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    Thank you again, LudicSavant, you math skills are VERY useful and so are your graphs and explanations.
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