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    OK, so about a month ago, the battery of my laptop started to swell to the point where the laptop wouldn't lie flat anymore (I'm told this is by design). I took it in for replacement. After verifying that the battery was on its last legs, and agreeing to replace it, they ran "one more test, to see if anything else is wrong". The test killed my laptop dead - wouldn't start, wouldn't acknowledge external inputs.

    Long story short, they gave me a new one, for the cost of the battery alone. I can now play Warhammer Total War at max specs, which had crawled at min specs in the old laptop. I'm hoping I'll also be able to play Mechwarrior, next time it goes on sale.

    (I did lose a bunch of unlocks in my games, though, which sucks - especially in renowned explorers, where I had all the characters and all but one of the cards. But nothing else, since I had backed up the important bits. I just had balked on backing up the game folder due to its size)

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