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Question for you guys. Ive gotten into a bit of an online argument about luffy and his power levels. At the end of dressrosa, where do you rank luffy in power scaling? I put him at roughly city busting levels because his final attack, in the anime at least, flips multiple city blocks like pancakes, and this is effected by the final clash absorbing at least some of the force even though in the manga there was no struggle for supremacy, and the damage being caused not by luffys fist hitting the ground, but by doflamingo being slammed into the ground so hard it caused the damage which might also have lessened the full impact of the strike. This other guy is ranking him at island to continent busting levels though which I feel is utterly insane. I mean, even city busting seems to be pushing it as he doesnt destroy the entire city, just a significant portion of it. But I was willing to bump it up a bit due to the various things going on in there.
That sounds like a very Spacebattles argument.

City buster sounds about right to me though. If even that much.