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[Memory Woods]

Most beloved.

Most cared for.

Loved, at all.

What strange concepts. But the Prof thinks of the nearest thing he has to someone he cares about right now. One might, perhaps, expect it to be Edict. But the shade is safe, secure, and not a concern of the Prof's any time soon. He doesn't care, not at the moment. No, the nearest he has right now is Magtok. So that's who he thinks of. And that's where the pain goes, presumably.

Did he just make Needs cause harm to Magtok? Maybe? That might be amusing.

The Prof watches Magtok's vision with interest, though out of context it has little significance to him. It's nice to see Feia rattled by something for once though. It's nice to see things not going according to plan for her. It means it can be done.


Did the vision just speak to them?

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Memory Woods


A Magtok that exists solely as a sort of thoughtform, a mental avatar of the cyborg, winces and mutters something to The Cloak about being spotted. That's about all he has time for, before fading away once more. Not even that jolt of agony is enough to keep him from fading back into The Cloak's spell-induced unconsciousness.

"Psychotropics & Extranatural Metabolisms," Needs recalls, considering whether or not to embark on a secondary quest to locate a copy of the tome. Also, yes, the cyborg's brother can see into Magtok's dreams; that shouldn't really be a big surprise to anyone present.

"Time is short. We have been seen." Potentially a much greater issue than whatever's in that book. Doesn't really matter if there's anything worth reading in it if Feia comes charging after us and sets the world aflame while we're busy consulting a library catalog.
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[Memory Woods]

"I only hope the knowledge gained was worth the price paid." The Affy-puppet-cyborg mutters irritably. Both the price in pain, and the price of being found out.

Being found out is of particular concern if it means Feia is aware the Prof is catching a ride inside Magtok's mind. That's not something she's meant to know. "Well, if your business is concluded, perhaps we should be on our way, hmm?"

[Memory Woods]

Delilah looks a bit out of sorts where she is, looking an awful lot like someone who just took a very abrupt blow to the head, somewhat dazed and pained.
It takes her a little bit to gather herself enough to participate in the conversation again, picking herself back up.
That necklace is tucked away in a hurry.

"Don't...don't worry about that right, oof, now."
She is somewhat short of breath and this fact seems to be annoying her enough to compose faster.
"Something about...a broken envelope of the Outside. Feia wasn't paying attention to us. Important thing is that Libitina is alive, or was, and that the dragon witch isn't currently making moves on either her or here.
We also have landmarks now, to potentially navigate by later."

Insofar as landmarks can be determined in a world of whirling sand and spires. Maybe she's referring to the warped area and everything's relation to that.
One way or another, she finds this a much more practical line of thought than any nonsense about sprawling color abstractions.