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    Default A Variation on Friar Tuck

    Friar Struk is aimed at a "Robin Hood and his Merry Men" kind of play group. Also good for urban/intrigue games.

    This isn't built as an optimized anything, and there's another option I am still mulling over that starts with a Druid Magic Initiate at the beginning: because they live in Sherwood Forest.

    Concept: Struk is a deceptively good brawler starting at level 2. He is also a supporter, and all around roguish cleric/unfrocked monk, starting at level 3, and Does Not Wear Armor. That's part of the theme. He uses a Quarterstaff; that's part of the theme. (Now and again a dagger or short sword will be used to pick up that bit of Sneak Attack damage, but not all that often.

    Monk 1/ Rogue 1/ Cleric (Trickery) X
    vHuman (PB = 11, 15, 11, 10, 15, 8); Feat = resilient Con
    S 12 D 16 C 12 I 10 W 16 Ch 8
    Background: Criminal.
    Skills: (Monk) Athletics, Insight; (Criminal) Stealth; Deception (vH): Perception.
    Tools: Dice, Disguise Kit (work this out with the DM (custom background, PHB 126) since he'll pick up thieves' tools at level 1 Rogue when he MC's ...

    Build Order: Monk 1, Rogue 1; Cleric(Trickery) X

    The level 2 choice to pick up Rogue, besides being thematic, is to get Expetise in Athletics. He is +5 to athletic checks (Equivalent to a fighter with 16 Str) and at Level 5 is +7 at athletic checks: with a 12 Strength. He's able to grapple or shove with some expectation of allowing his martial compadres to take adantage of proned targets.

    Picks up Thieves' Tools proficiency, as well as expertise in either Deception or Persuasion.

    This overcomes his generally bad Charisma somewhat - if there is a face on the party (a Robin, or an Alan Adale) he could put that expertise into Perception or Insight. As every drunken monk knows, "In Vino Veritas." Tailor this to fit what the party could use a boost on.

    The real fun comes with level 1 of Trickery Domain Cleric.
    Domain Spell fun: Charm Person; Disguise Self.
    Handy for situations where the player/party is trying to get past guards/soldiers/trouble.

    Blessing of the Trickster: .. touch a willing creature other than yourself to give it advantage on Dexterity (Stealth) checks. This blessing lasts for 1 hour or until you use this feature again . (PHB, Trickery Domain) Help someone in the party go sneak in somewhere.

    At Cleric Level 2: more shennanigans with a perfect double. (Channel Divinity: Invoke Duplicity)

    At Cleric Level 3, we find: Mirror Image; Pass without trace
    Mirror Image renders AC moot for a few rounds, since the enemy hits "not you" three times. Pass Without Trace provides some "get out of town" chances for the whole party - the Merry Men run off to hide in the forest ....

    Thematic Spell Choice! Enhance Ability for advantage on Athletics Checks: shove, etc.
    Bullís Strength. The target has advantage on Strength checks, and his or her carrying capacity doubles.
    Cleric Level 5: Blink, Dispel Magic
    They can't hit what just blinked away (AC mitigation); Dispel Magic helps get your mates out of trouble.

    Cleric level 7: Dimension Door, Polymorph
    More ways to "not be there when they try to hit me" or to set up the case of "Haha, try fighting a gorilla, pal!"

    Between the need for a boost in Charisma checks mentioned above, and Athletics checks, Guidance looks like a "must" cantrip for this character concept at the first level of Cleric.

    ASI recommendation: boosting Wisdom at the first ASI
    Spell DC and AC are both boosted at level 4 (PC level 6). I'd suggest that the following ASI also be Wisdom (PC level 10) which boosts your spell DC as well as increase your armor class to 20.

    That said, applying an AI to Dexterity may be needed more "to hit" and for those Dexterity saving throws that crop up with some frequency. Already proficient in Dex saves, as being a Monk first. If by level 10 cleric is at 8, the spell DC boost makes your Save DC tougher on a wide variety of spells that can confound the enemy.
    IMO, the support role unlocks at level 3/Cleric 1. Bless and Shield of Faith are important to this approach. This is for the group. Eventually boost Constitution with an ASI.

    Depending on how many levels up this game goes: add another level of Monk to get a few ki points and more movement, evasion, dash options (The Friar chuckles as he taunts his foes "Betcha didn't think I was that quick!") to try and avoid hits ... or ... add another level in Rogue to use Disengage as a Cunning Action. If you are not there, you can't be hit.
    If they chase you they might give allies a chance for Opportunity Attack.

    What appears to be a big and beefy oaf, a hard drinking cleric ... is a bit more than he appears. Not smart, not handsome, appears to be a beefy drunk. Looks can be deceiving, and you are harder to hit than it looks.

    Role: a combination of support, brawler, and trickster (though not optimized with high Charisma) who is surprisingly effective at a variety of Athletic moves, and whose spells make the party better. What's more, in the brawler theme, you have an uncommon aptitude for knocking people on their butts (Shove/Prone) so that your allies can hit them with advantage. Now and again be able to shove a foe out of a window, or off of a cliff.
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