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    Quote Originally Posted by PairO'Dice Lost View Post
    Along these lines, it might be more thematic if suits indicate effect type rather than spell list. Something like hearts = healing and defense, diamonds = creating/summoning creatures/objects, spades = direct offensive spells, and clubs = general utility, maybe.
    That's a servicable idea. I was also considering doing a deck that split the suits (eg Necromancy/Divination: Spades, Conjuration/Transmutation: Hearts, Illusion/Enchantment: Diamonds, Evocation/Abjuration: Clubs). Or tweaking the deck I had to go for a similar effect for each number / face card (eg rearranging so that each Ace is a buff, each King is an attack spell, each Queen a defensive or healing spell, each Jack a sneaky spell, each 10 one of the stat-boosting spells, etc).

    Also, I was considering building a higher level deck. For instance, rather than the current two level 0 spell, four level 1, four level 2 and three level 3 spell by suit deck, having a deck that went all the way up from 2 casting a cantrip to ace casting a level 9 spell. E.g.:

    2: level 0 spell, eg prestidigitation
    3: level 1
    4: level 2
    5: level 3
    6: level 3
    7: level 4
    8: level 4
    9: level 5
    10: level 5
    Jack: level 6
    Queen: level 7
    King: level 8
    Ace: level 9 spell, eg time stop

    Joker: Wish

    Obviously, this version would only be for high level play, you'd have to change the caster level for the versions where that's set (eg make it cast as caster level 20), and I'd no longer be able to split by class the same way since Bard would cap at 6 (meaning it would have to split by one of the other schemes). But it might be fun to build, anyway.
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