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That's a servicable idea. I was also considering doing a deck that split the suits (eg Necromancy/Divination: Spades, Conjuration/Transmutation: Hearts, Illusion/Enchantment: Diamonds, Evocation/Abjuration: Clubs). Or tweaking the deck I had to go for a similar effect for each number / face card (eg rearranging so that each Ace is a buff, each King is an attack spell, each Queen a defensive or healing spell, each Jack a sneaky spell, each 10 one of the stat-boosting spells, etc).
Combining my idea with those, you could have the suits set up as overarching offense/defense/utility/summons categories as I suggested and then give each number or face card a specific theme: 3 might be fooling sight (blindness/deafness for offense, mirror image for defense, invisibility for utility, and minor image for "summons"), 4 might be shapng fire (pyrotechnics for offense, fire trap for defense, continual flame for utility, and flaming sphere for summons), and so forth.

Also, I was considering building a higher level deck. For instance, rather than the current two level 0 spell, four level 1, four level 2 and three level 3 spell by suit deck, having a deck that went all the way up from 2 casting a cantrip to ace casting a level 9 spell.
That would tend to make it difficult to balance, since at lower levels it's too powerful to pull out 5th+ level spells and at higher levels the lower-level spells are likely to be a waste of a combat action. You might instead want to make Lesser, Standard, Greater versions of the deck with 0th-3rd, 3rd-6th, and 6th-9th level spells, respectively. Requires picking a lot more spells, but it would definitely be easier to balance and price.