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    Quote Originally Posted by ~Corvus~ View Post
    Acid Arrow is awful. Consider Orb of Acid (SpC 150). Close range, single target d6 acid damage, still Conjuration and SICKEN. Now THAT is a worthwhile draw.

    I have alternative suggestions for a few of the hearts. italics is reordered; bold is changed.

    Ace of hearts: Magic Circle against Evil
    King of hearts: Cure Critical Wounds
    Queen of hearts: Magic Vestment
    Jack of hearts: Spiritual Weapon
    10 of hearts: Protection from Energy
    9 of hearts: Hold Person
    8 of hearts: Vigor (SpC 229; target gains Fast Healing to for 10+1/CL rounds (min5))
    7 of hearts: Sanctuary
    6 of hearts: Bless

    5 of hearts: Shield of faith
    4 of hearts: Lesser Vigor (SpC 229; target gains Fast Healing 1 for 10+1/CL rounds (min 1))
    3 of hearts: Guidance
    2 of hearts: Cure Minor Wounds
    Good suggestions all, although they break with how I built the original deck:
    1) By not being SRD only (although yes, vigor spells are absolutely better)
    2) By being the wrong level of spell by card. All the suits in the original deck went:
    Ace, King, Queen: Level 3
    Jack, ten, nine, eight: Level 2
    Seven, six, five, four: Level 1
    Three, two: Level 0

    Taking your point on acid arrow, however, what SRD spell would you suggest? Summon Monster II, maybe?
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