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Thread: Deck of spells (3.5)

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    RAW, the Cure line is atrocious per level. Hilariously bad. They're so bad, it's better for a cleric to invest in preventative spells rather than heal, or offensive spells or summon.

    Considering your guidelines, I'd recommend...

    Ace of hearts: Magic Circle against Evil
    King of Hearts: Displacement (A king should be hard to kill)
    Queen of Hearts: Geas, Lesser (A queen should have powerful influence)

    Jack of hearts: Spiritual Weapon
    10 of hearts: Bear's Endurance (+4 Con means +2 fort & +2 hp/level at hours duration; ages better than CMW)
    9 of hearts: Hold Person
    8 of hearts: Protection from Energy

    7 of hearts: Cure Light Wounds; cast this spell with your effective CL = your HD. (At least minimize the suck).
    6 of hearts: Restoration, Lesser (a potent and useful spell that provides other healing)
    5 of hearts: Shield of Faith
    4 of hearts: Sanctuary

    3 of hearts: Guidance
    2 of hearts: Cure Minor Wounds


    Now to spades! You've got fantastic level 2 picks except Acid Arrow. I'd replace with Alter Self and rearrange the list...except it's taken already. It's arguably the best 2nd-level spell, SRD or no. Not to worry. I see a fine choice:

    8 of spades: Knock (Although it's not damage, it's fabulous utility.)
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