[Seeking Help]

Welp, that was abrupt. Irena could swear Nadia was sneaking up on them intentionally sometimes to catch them in the act. She hadn't even heard the front door open. "We're not fighting." She still insists though as she attempts to meet her wives gaze. "The kid and I was just introducing me to-" She pause as Nadia introduces herself. "Anastasia. We were just kidding around really." Irena once again attempts to reach out to ruffle Eliseo's hair before he can pull away.

[Northside - Fourth Tower Compound]

"More orderly, more books, less acolytes moving about." Zula remarks. "But I for one have met them, it was in my younger days though. Must have been almost two decades ago now. I barely remember it now, or maybe I just suppressed it as it's pretty memorable." She chuckles. "Maybe its better if you talk to the younglings. They should remember their encounters pretty well, I know Tamika had an encounter but the girl is too shy to speak I suspect. Maybe it's best to go and ask Sekai, she keeps track on all these things."