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    Thank you for the further suggestions! Minor quibbles:
    1) Displacement isn't in the SRD cleric list, although it is in the Bard and the Sor/Wiz list, so I may yet steal it for one of them if going for queen as defensive spell.
    2) Protection from energy is level 3. You're probably thinking of resist energy.
    3) Restoration may be a bit niche in what it fixes, especially for the immediate version of the deck.

    Quote Originally Posted by Vaern View Post
    It's really the act of casting cure spells when action economy is limited and there are more valuable things to do with your turn that is bad; not so much the spells themselves. There are more effective ways to contribute to combat, but an extra heal to top yourself off between encounters is always nice to have available. It's knowing when to heal up and when not to that is problematic for most people.
    Sound point. In practical terms for this deck, that makes the cure line of spells a sound option for the eternal version but a usually poor option for the immediate version.

    I'm going to do a fresh version of the deck in a little while, generally going for spells that are as versatile as possible in application. EDIT: Actually, no. I have an exam coming up in two weeks and I intend to suspend this project for now. But I'd like to invite anyone who wishes to a submit a deck of their own (particularly the level 3 to 6 deck that was suggested earlier). Obviously, you don't have to stick within the same constraints as I was employing if you don't want to.
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