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    [Tauron's Workshop]

    "Of course. Food." Tauron repeats the word to himself almost as if he had forgotten what it meant.
    "Yes... I do keep some of that in the freezer for these occasions. But what kind of 'food' will you need exactly? Will simple flesh do? Since I recently managed to acquire manufactured food which claims it has everything your bodies need. Might be more in line with your new body, though I'm not sure what you ate before."

    [Tauron's Temple]

    As Ilpholin starts getting up, Tauron backs away in awe. He didn't seem to have expected her to be able to move this soon.
    The first thing she can note is that she's naked. Not a shred of clothing in sight and Tauron doesn't seem to have cared to give her a hospital gown, or he simply didn't have any.

    The second thing of note is that her skin is so pale that it appears she's never been touched by the sun, yet it does not lock sickly. Instead there seem to be a strange shine to it making her look unearthly in her complexion. It seems smooth to touch but she can somehow instinctively tell that it isn't as before. It's still her skin but something has been mixed into it, making it something in-between flesh and metal even if an observer likely would be unable to see that.
    Reflexively, she can change the color of her pigments into anything she wants. Potentially able to change her complexion at will, make tattoos or patterns appear on her skin or suddenly blend perfectly into the environment.

    Tauron eventually steps back and holds up one of his hands which changes shape into a mirror, the silvery substance he is made up of able to perfectly reflect Ilpholin's face. "Is- is it alright?"
    The upper parts of her body seem to have undergone some more noticeable changes. Her purple hair now appears artificial in nature as each strand of hair is now made of a thin durable metal that Ilpholin can control as easily as her other limbs. Just like her skin she could change its color but more importantly its length as it can compress and stretch according to her whims. The metal her hair is made up of could also cut someone's throat like if its was sharp barbed wire.

    The pupils of her eyes appear the same but the sclera have turned completely black and by the look of it, so have her tears. Right now it appears she has been crying while wearing heavy mascara as the tears now appear to be made of a black oily substance.
    "I attempted to preserve your original appearance as much as I could." He explains as she looks at herself in his mirror-hand.

    [New Inside - President Sierra's Office]

    "So a complete shutdown of all trade with Inside? Won't that be..." President Sierra paused while she toyed with her long black hair. "Isn't that good for us? Pretty sure that was even one of my election promises."

    If there was anything Judeen hated more than dealing with incompetent underlings it was dealing with incompetent superiors. "Madame President, while a complete shutdown of all trade with Inside is going to put some severe strains on the economy and likely put a jobs at risk, it's the only option at this point. We've already severely restricted it anyway due to the outbreak there. A complete obstruction of trade won't be much of a stretch at this point."

    "I did promise more jobs too, and a better economy. What a dilemma." She looked off in the distance for a moment, it almost looked like she was staring at that grotesque boar head trophy she had mounted on the wall along with the rest of her tasteless decor. Why did they let the presidents redecorate again? The election certainly hadn't been in taste.

    "With all due respect ma'am, we can't let the virus reach New Inside, or their other plague for that matter. This is a reasonable measure to take, we don't even have to inform the public of why."

    "The face-thing? Yeah, that's pretty bad isn't it? Like that movie... what was its name..." Off her attention was to the distance once again, was she looking at the boar-trophy for guidance perhaps? The Saints knew she needed it.

    "You mean-"

    President Sierra dismissed her own question by raising her hand. "Actually, doesn't matter, I'm more curious why we are even concerned about this virus thing. I mean, we don't have any monsters here. I said that in a interview."

    Why did she even need to explain this? "Yes, but... that isn't technically true. We have a lot of non-humans living in New Inside, some of them even work for the order. If it came here it would be catastrophic as we don't know how to cure it or even stop its spread. At least with the plague we got some idea how it spreads."

    She got off her desk and walked off to the window behind her overlooking the city. "But wouldn't this be a benefit? To stop them from hiding their true nature from us?"

    "...ma'am, the order members are our special operatives. They're the ones that deal with the high-level incursions at our borders. We cannot afford to lose them, or let a quarter of our population get infected." Judeen paused only to add. "It would likely cause you to lose the next election."

    President Sierra threw her hands up in the air. "Fine, fine, I'll let you 'experts' take charge of this one. So call one of your meetings, I got a hunting trip to attend to." Then with just a wave of her hand, Judeen was dismissed and left the room.

    Her thoughts stayed with the president for a few moments though, mostly around the woman's neck.
    But she had achieved what she had set out to do. Now she just needed to deal with the council and she could get this show on the row. Inside would have to be monitored very carefully so they could at least gain some intelligence on the virus effects. They just had to keep them from learning where it had come from at all costs or her country's paranoia might just become more justified...

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