Just played Far Cry 5.

Having played 3 & 4 in the past, it seemed to tread well worn paths. Most the weapons are picked up from the previous iterations. The only thing that really was "new" was planes (and helicopters). Well, I guess the companion system as well. Otherwise it was a similar series of "fetch" and "kill" quests. If you played the previous iterations the general game play won't have anything drastically new to throw at you.

Hunting was slightly less important in terms of crafting, but they also changed the perk system so that now one of the ways you get perks was by hunting, and you need perk points to get the benefits of crafting usually (i.e., ammo bags). So if anything, hunting overall became more important. Also now fishing, because clearly the thing you want to do is spend time virtually fishing so you can more efficiently shoot cultists.

Story wise, it's....okay. There are numerous times in each area where you get "kidnapped" or otherwise get railroaded. I didn't mind it at first but it got really old after a while.

The ending...
Was very disappointing. The "Good" ending involves the cultists being right and nukes starting to fall just as you beat the main boss. You run for a bunker with some friends and the handuffed boss. Car accident, you're friends die, the boss carries you to the bunker and it's just you and him waiting out the apocalypse. Of course, you're tied up and his prisoner. So in the end, the "Good" ending is the bad guy winning. The "Bad" ending, you don't fight the bad guy and he wins. So if you actually play the game, there really isn't any winning. There is secret ending similar to Far Cry 4, where if you don't do anything at the beginning of the game, i.e., don't handcuff the boss, starting the chain of events that lead to the game, and instead just walk away. So the secret ending is...not playing the game.

I'm glad I didn't buy it when it first came out. Was it worth the $20 I paid? Ehhhhh...... I got what I was expecting, an open world environment to go shoot people in. There was the occasional 'Merica moments which gave me a chuckle. Ranking wise, it's below Far Cry 3 for me, roughly on par with 4.