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Thread: Inside 68: Dawn of a New Season (or two)

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    [Industrial Park - Beneath]

    Jaahlyn pulled her coat tighter around herself and started to button it up more. This cold has to be produced by this ritual or whatever those creatures were doing down here. Either way, it probably wasn't good but at least she was wearing enough clothes to endure the cold.

    "I could attempt to counter their magic with my own." She whispers as she stares at what she guessed must be the aforementioned ritual. "Or I could shoot at them, but I'm not sure how effective that would be. Either way, it wouldn't be very stealthy."

    [Sunset Street - Night Time]

    Ghouls murdering and eating people wasn't new, but this particular ghoul had also been the landlord over the district and a advocate for the undead reformation movement so there was something that wasn't adding up in Faith's book.
    Normally, she'd take offense to be assigned to the undead news stories, but this one she was curious about. What had happened to make a well-adjusted man like Benjamin White do this? She hadn't know him personally, but she had heard about his activism through her channels and he had seemed like a good man.

    But while she had come to the scene of the crime for answers what she would find was more questions as she saw smoking raising from the district and the sound of fire sirens in the distance. Security vehicles were blocking the street and armed personnel were trying to restrain a man that seemed to be made of fire dressed in a torn chef uniform.

    Other reports were already in place and it looked like the entire situation was going to be on TV soon.

    So a murder and a arson on exactly the same street in such a short span of time? Seemed like hell of a coincidence.
    The other news teams probably had come to cover Benjamin's murderous rampage too, but now it looked like they were stuck behind the security perimeter covering the crimes of whoever the fire chef was.

    Normally, that's where she would be staying as well but this seemed like something far more than a murder and a arson. Something big was happening and she had to get to the bottom of it.

    Stepping away into an alleyway she made sure it was completely empty before she removed her gloves and put them in her pocket. Then, looking up, she took a deep breath and keeled down. With her feet pushing into the street underneath her legs were able to produce enough force to make her leap all the way to the roof, her long claws easily finding purchase as she clambered onto the roof with some effort.

    "Ouff~" Faith groaned as she found her footing and could heave herself over the edge and press herself against the cold roof plates. After a moment of recovery she put her gloves back on while looking around. It didn't appear like anyone had seen her and in the middle of the night against a black roof, it probably would have been hard to spot her in her black coat.

    Not that jumping onto a roof was illegal or anything but it still didn't feel right to be seen doing this which likely was her background speaking. It wasn't even like she was even trying to sneak past the security perimeter, she was simply trying to get a better point of view.

    From above her she could see that other people on the street of the district were acting oddly too. A couple of centaurs seemed to be performing acts that shouldn't be seen in public in the glow of the raising flames of the building while a little goat-man watched on. With a lot of the districts populace staying staring in horror at the scene from their windows.

    This was more than just a few random acts of murder and violence, this was all a part of something bigger. Perhaps it was connected to the infection that supposedly caused the destruction in the docks?

    Down below, people had started to gather at the security perimeter and she also saw flying people approaching from the sky, drawn to see where the smoke was coming from. Whatever was happening, all of Inside would probably know what happened here by the morning, she would make sure they would.

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