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[Memory Woods]

Delilah looks a bit out of sorts where she is, looking an awful lot like someone who just took a very abrupt blow to the head, somewhat dazed and pained.
It takes her a little bit to gather herself enough to participate in the conversation again, picking herself back up.
That necklace is tucked away in a hurry.

"Don't...don't worry about that right, oof, now."
She is somewhat short of breath and this fact seems to be annoying her enough to compose faster.
"Something about...a broken envelope of the Outside. Feia wasn't paying attention to us. Important thing is that Libitina is alive, or was, and that the dragon witch isn't currently making moves on either her or here.
We also have landmarks now, to potentially navigate by later."

Insofar as landmarks can be determined in a world of whirling sand and spires. Maybe she's referring to the warped area and everything's relation to that.
One way or another, she finds this a much more practical line of thought than any nonsense about sprawling color abstractions.
"The book, then?" Needs asks, trying to keep his contributions to this conversation to a minimum. He's already struggling to parse everything Delilah just said. The pills aren't in effect right now, there's nothing stabilizing him, keeping him glued to this plane of existence. He's drifting closer to his wildly incoherent old self again, which is nothing but inconvenience right now.

"So comes snow after fire, and even dragons have their endings." See? There it is now. He was probably trying to say something much simpler, something about how they'll take down Feia no matter how crazy she looks or how much mass she has. Instead we get a Tolkein quote, because Needs Food Badly is suddenly too busy waving a paintbrush over the air, making minute revisions to the twenty-eighth of September, the day Ambriel and Ithuriel found each other. Nothing either of them would take notice of, nothing game-changing, certainly, but even the most insignificant modifications to what was, is, and will be are hardly ever without consequence.