Despite his slim frame and small stature, Shiori barely seems to have noticed the hike to their hunting spot; in fact, given his distracted air an onlooker could be forgiven for thinking he had simply wandered by accident into the group of students instead of being one of them. He began raising his hand when the Sensei asked for questions, but decides against it. After the first few days of class, Shiori has finally remembered that when someone asks "any questions" they are usually asking for questions relevant to the subject they were discussing beforehand, and asking their Sensei "How can you smile?" probably wouldn't be appropriate at the moment.

Finally noticing that the students seem to be pairing off, Shiori looks around for Hitomi; she's likely nearby, but if he doesn't see her he isn't too concerned. Part of the goal of the Academy is to make them more self-sufficient, after all, and even if he doesn't really like being separated from her he can't really expect her to hang around him all the time. Instead, after a few moments Shiori drifts towards the boy who asked what seemed to be a relevant question. Now that Shiori is at least somewhat certain that the boy isn't just a figment of his imagination, his ability to move around without being noticed is just about the only thing Shiori knows about... any of the people in his class, other than his sister and himself. Best to build off the familiar. Harder for THEM to take you by surprise if it's familiar; or was it easier?