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He doesn't even know what to do anymore with his 3D characters that he spent multiple books developing and are now stuck in limbo just when it seemed like we would finally see some big action again. With Stanley, Hamster, Wanda, Ansom, Sizemore, Charlie, Maggie and heck even Jillian, one would expect the story to write itself,
Well, frankly, it did. We already have that story, it was book 1. Wanda-Jillian-Ansom in particular already wrapped up the truly interesting things about the three of them separately and as a love triangle. It was kina fun to see Wanda's backstory with her brother and Ansom's push-pull relationship with his father and brothers, but honestly, they all peaked in book one, had a slight 'heh, that's interesting' book 2 presence, and now just kind of exist. Hamster is still an interesting figure with respect to attempting victory, since his thing is 'guy who did this as a game now has to do this for real.' His outside interesting arcs (stranger in a strange land, am I being swayed by magic to have more bloodlust?) are complete and he hasn't really picked up any new interesting ones outside the overall 'move his side to victory' arc. Charlie, most of all, worked best as a disembodied puppetmaster with unclear motivation other than keeping the gameplay going (with himself pulling as many strings as he can), and has only diminished as more about him has been revealed.

I think we're in a situation like Ghostbusters (1, 2, and the never-made 3; not the 2016 new-cast reboot) -- a really good initial product, a second one that was... acceptable (opinions might vary on which of these had a better second product, but neither were Blues Brother 2000-level bad). Now we have a long stretch where the creators are spinning their wheels. Some side products in both cases (toyline and cartoon for GB, these side stories for EW). There's still interest in the product, and people want them to revisit the well, yet there really isn't another good story there to tell.