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    Default Re: Doing some 5e homebrewing, looking to poach from 4e

    Went through ranger powers and features to about level 13. Poach list:

    Prime Shot: position based bonuses to attacks.
    ERanger: bonus attack when you hit (sort of built in to 5e DW)
    Beast Mastery: Other than companion, not sure what to poach.

    The "Familiar" might lock the Ranger into having a pet. Maybe I need to make Familiar less specific to having a pet? Would also spread Wizard design around.

    Attacks: More taps is common.
    Support for (a) two light weapons, (b) two heavier weapons, (c) a projectile weapon, (d) a melee and thrown weapon, (e) throwing weapons.

    Sure Shot: Super accurate attacks with a bow.
    Skirmishing Stance: Benefits for moving around.

    Beast powers: Talents that grant your companion advantages.

    Invigorating Stride: Burn HD to self heal in combat?

    Stalker's Mist: Mist that blocks enemy vision

    Yield Ground: Get hit, retreat.

    Disruptive Strike: Ally gets hit, get an attack with a chance to force a miss.

    Avenging Charge: Higher damage version of Disruptive Strike, doesn't disrupt.

    Snarling Wolf Stance: When hit or missed, you can make a counter attack and shift away.

    Spitting Cobra Stance: Fire a bow shot as a reaction at foes who move closer.

    Leaf Wall: Ally-friendly concealment, combat advantage granting

    Arrow of the Savior: Make a falling target not fall (convert to climbing or to ledge)

    Healing Herbs (heal and provide poison saving throw)

    Stealthy Escape (reroll a failed stealth check with a bonus)

    Weave through the Fray (reaction to an enemy moving nearby -- move away)

    Spray of Arrows (clost blast of arrow attacks)

    Thousand Arrow Awareness ("overwatch" arrow attacks with reactions)

    Root Gate (use roots to create a short-range two-location teleportation conduit)

    off-hand diversion (boosted bonus action off-hand attacks, this one makes the foe grant CA)


    Poaching from Rogue:

    Rogue poaching:

    Piercing Strike - attack becomes a dex save.
    Riposte Strike - get reaction attack if attacked back
    Acrobatic Strike - move+attack
    Gloaming Cut - attack and move and stealth
    King's castle - attack and swap places with an ally
    Duelist's Prowess - stance, riposte when attacked
    Press the advantage - free attack when an enemy is bloodied
    Spinning blade leap - move without OAs before, attack, move without OAs after
    Twilight Menace - make someone unable to see you (until they save)
    Blinding Barrage - close blast attack that makes people blind for a turn
    Confounding Attack - attack someone. They attack an ally next to them accidentally.
    Fleeting ghost - move while hidden at full speed without penalty
    Great Leap - jump extra distance, even longer than your speed, at-will
    Master of Deceit - reroll bluff check
    Tumble - move without provoking OAs
    Blade Vault - jump and stab
    Low Slash - bonus action attack with repositioning, slowing, etc
    Compel the craven - cause fear with an attack
    Hobble - knock prone, cannot stand up until makes a save
    Slippery Mind - triggered will save bonus based on bluff
    Chameleon - keep stealth off your turn even if they have a clear line of sight
    Hidden Blade - hide your off-hand blade, get CA with it.
    Perfect Feint - gain CA against all nearby foes
    Sand in the eyes - blind a foe for a turn
    From the Shadows - shift, attack, shift, stealth; gain CA if you where hidden befor the shift.
    Shadow Boxer - use a foe as cover, and hide behind them.
    Combat Tumblset - tumble through foes
    Close quarters - lock onto bigger foe, follow it automatically, penalize their attacks until they throw you off.
    Shadow stride - remain hidden while moving so long as you end and start hidden
    Clever move - react to move out of an AOE and hide
    Hide in plain sight - turn hidden into invisible until you move
    Shadow master - hide with less concealment
    Clinging Shadows - keep concealment
    Cloud Jump - jump twice without landing, with bonus, extra range
    Dazzling Acrobatics - move, ignoring OAs, climb full speed, etc
    Indomitable Agility - shed status conditions, shift, free.
    Invisible Stalker - you are invisible while moving, so long as you don't end adjacent to an enemy, at-will
    Montebank's Flight - follow a teleport
    Scoundrel's epiphany - auto 25 roll on some skills
    Seize the moment - daily +20 initiative and first-turn bonuses
    Somersault dodge - at-will reaction shift whenever missed
    Thief of fortune - reroll a failure, impose penalty on a creature you can see for a turn
    Uncanny aim - massively increase range of a ranged attacks
    Wall crawl - at-will climb speed
    Deathweaving stike - forced movement, grant attacks to allies along movement
    Kiss of death - stance; pick a foe. Whenever it takes damage, you get a free attack.
    Moving target - redirect an attack on you to a nearby creature of your choice
    Dance of death - attack adjacent foes. If they attack you before EONT, you choose an alternative target, including themselves.
    Deflected strike - redirect a missed attack to an enemy adjacent to you. Deal sneak attack damage on it.

    * Grant temporary HP to adjacent ally on attack
    * Grant temporary HP to self
    * Deal lightning damage. Nearby foe takes minor thunder damage.
    * Extra reach, and attack pulls (thorn whip)
    * Create spike zone near foe that attacks enemies for minor damage
    * Vortex of air that pulls foes towards you
    * Attack all adjacent, and make ground grab and and hinder enemies (difficult)
    * Grant temporary HP to allies when you are hit by an enemy for a round

    * Form of Ram. Move faster, deal charge damage, push on attacks.
    * Form of Panther. Dex saves, attack bonus, mobility without OAs.
    * Form of Fire. Resist fire damage. Inflict fire vuln.
    * Form of Willow. Con/Str save bonus for you and allies. Cannot be pushed/pulled etc. Reaction protection attack.
    * Form of Winter. Resist cold. AC bonus. Create difficult terrain for foes. Immobalize CB attack.

    * Eyes of Hawk. Perception bonus per encounter.
    * Guardian Thorns. Marked foes take damage when they attack a chosen ally.
    * Mountain Lion Step. Ignore difficult terrain for a turn per encounter.
    * Nature's Abundance. Create friendly cover of plants near you 1/day
    * Warding Touch. Sacrifice AC to boost ally's AC per encounter.

    * Form of Earth. Regeneration. Reduce push/pull. Shift as bonus.
    * Form of Autumn. +1 reach, resist necrotic, deal extra damage. Weaken.
    * Form of Blood Wolf. Gain speed, bonus damage against wounded foes, knock prone with advantage.
    * Form of Displacement. 50% chance to resist damage from attack.
    * Form of Spider. Generate difficult terrain. Climb speed. Con save bonus. Restrain attack.
    * Form of Night Hunter. Fly, darkvision, to-hit bonus. Ongoing bleed damage.
    * Form of Sandstorm. Ignore difficult terrain, resist damage, can squeeze to 1 inch. Grab attack.
    * Form of World Forger. AC bonus aura. Fire damage when you or allies hit. CB3 ongoing fire damage.

    * Earth Tomb: knock prone, foe cannot stand up.
    * Glacial Hammer: cold damage, restrain target and foes near it.
    * Guardian's Storm: foe takes lightning damage if it moves
    * Ravenous Earth: ground near foe attacks enemies if they try to move through it.
    * Weight of Mountain: hit foe, cause a 25' shockwave that attacks enemies
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