How to give someone the feel-bads:

Warrior mirror - me Bomb, him Control.

He discovers Piloted Reaper and plays it (Deathrattle, summon a 2 cost or lower minion from your hand).

I kill it, pulls out his Brewmaster, sorry enemy Elysiana!

Game goes late, he plays Elysiana and defuses all my bombs.

I discover 2 more Clockwork Goblins.

I play my Elysiana (not running Brewmaster myself), discover Elysiana.

We both go to fatigue, I play a second Elysiana with a third in my hand.

Opponent quits.

Anyone have a good Rez Priest deck? I really want to try it now that it's not complete insanity like it was last month and crafted Catrena Muerte, but my setup seems mediocre.