I'm currently so far out of keto it isn't funny. I'm pretty broke, so I have been buying a lot of bananas as the cheapest portable food. I can get 500 calories for about $1 and take them to school or on a walk without them being unhealthy.

The weird thing is my weight has been stable while I crack my diet in half. I expected this would cause me to start packing on weight due to the sugar, but it seems to have evened out around 254.

Current diet:

Breakfast: 3 strips of bacon (~aprox 300 calories)
Lunch/snacking: Bananas (3-500 calories depending on number)
Dinner: Pork loin (also cheap.) Usually a lot of it, I'm pretty hungry by this point.

Exercise is going well, I'm quickly getting my shoulders back. My abs are in a state of decay, it is rather painful trying to get them back to where they were pre-accident without hurting myself.


Weighted Reaches
Plank touches
Reverse Plank
Weighted Lunges
Band clamshells
forearm band exercises

Bench press
overhead press
bicep curls

Its not perfect but combined with my daily hill climbs I feel like I'm hitting everything.