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Spoiler: S9, E4
I have remarkably little to say about this episode. I thought it was alright, I certainly liked it better than the previous episode, but for a 200th episode special they had been hyping since the season was announced I found myself a little underwhelmed. I think part of the issue is that the whole Ocean's 11-style heist plot would have worked better if they had just stuck to Twilight's original plan from the start; you'd have given the heist hi-jinks more time to play out, and you wouldn't have even needed to change anything about the ending with Spike and Luna, since that hinged on Twilight's original plan anyway. Adding the separate non-plans to the mix just cluttered the narrative.

That being said, I did like the ending, especially the bit with Spike being officially recognized by Twilight and Shining Armor as the younger brother of the group. the only thing that could possibly top that were the strained 'let's not fight in public' interactions between Luna and Celestia. Overall, I'd probably give this episode a B, not the best the show's produced but still enjoyable.
Agree with most of what you said here, though the first part had enough hi-jinks to make me give it a B+ at least.