Office of Horror

Alfred isn't attacked, whatever is in the building is moving away, although it might come back. The footsteps recede away into silence, a silence every once in a while punctuated by a scream. The monster seems to be taking its time.


Kothar draws his shield and axe. The shining steel of the shield and the burnished platinum lightning bolt upon it glimmer in the light from the palace. He runs into the spire and climbs the stairs rapidly, but Achuak, sneaking behind, takes the elevator, if it's working. Once they've both made it to the roof, Kothar steps into the beam of light and is lifted up, shortly followed by Achuak sneaking behind. Kothar ignores the cookies and begins to size up any exits from the room, but Achuak grabs a cookie, whispers his thanks so his dad doesn't hear, and slinks into any shadows he can find to eat and watch