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Thread: Inside 68: Dawn of a New Season (or two)

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    [Sunset Street - Day time]

    Danial hit 'update' for what must have been the fourth time the last half hour as he was leaving the apartment complex.

    Several murders, a massacre in action, arson, public nudity, and of course the sky palace at the spire. Same as the last time he had checked.
    He had started to suspected that the NNN news-site couldn't even keep up with everything that was happening anymore yet he needed more clues at this point. The trail of patient zero had ran cold here and he wasn't sure where else to go.
    He scrolled down, way down, they of anyone had to have reported the first incident. It was his only hope since apparently no one here knew who that damn ghoul have been in contact with the last week.

    If only-


    He stopped and instinctively looked up from his phone as his nickname was called.
    His sister was standing less than a dozen meters away just staring at him in puzzlement. "What are you doing here?"

    Crap, ****, damn.

    He froze, this had always been a risk and the reason they had told him to stay out but he had intended to meet her anyway. Just not this soon. Not now.
    His eyes was drawn to hers, a little voice inside his head telling him that eyes shouldn't glow.

    "Seriously, and what's with that getup?" But despite the fact she even lacked pupils, he knew that look in her eyes. She was already starting to suspect something...

    He was so screwed.

    Shaking off his ambivalence, he moved up and grabbed her shoulder. "We can't talk here."
    Nodding, already catching up, she joined him as they walked off into an empty alley, far from prying eyes.
    But as they walked, his gaze wandered down to her hands and felt his ambivalence slowly returning along with that voice. Fingers aren't supposed to be that long, or sharp...
    "Don't tell me you're involved with all this somehow, Dani."

    Her words brought him back to reality and with a horrible realization. He grabbed before her shoulders, nearly shaking her. "Faith, have you had headaches? Hallucinations? It's important."
    She blinked as she stared back at him, her eyes and mouth widened in surprise at his rough treatment. Then came that frown he had learned to worry about. "No, now tell me what the hell is going on before I lose my patience."

    Despite it all his first instinct was to hug her. "Thank the saints, Faith, there is this mind disease in Inside... you have to get out of the city. You're in danger."

    He was thankfully that she immediately didn't shove him away, she just looked more confused than upset now. "Slow down, disease? How do you know this?"

    "It's... a long story..."

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