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Really though, it seems that the mad science angle is always used for fields that are newish and growing relatively quickly in complexity. And in the modern age, groundbreaking work isn't usually done by a single person so much as it is done by teams of researchers.

So, I think it's the mad financier is the modern iteration of mad science. John Hammond, for example. They set the goals and organize the team, then reap the rewards. Since they do not even need to understand the underlying science, it's much easier for them to fall to their hubris. So they might even be better at the core story trope of the classical mad scientist.
The need for large teams is if anything something that could drive someone to mad science. 'I have this idea, and I know it's right! But scientific society is insisting that I get IRB signoff, preregister the experiment, proceed carefully in stages, do replicates, report monthly to the funding agency, attend faculty meetings about the color of paint to use on the hallways between the labs, etc. I'll show them, I'll skip all of that, build it, and then they'll see!'. Also, the 'mad' title does make you eligible to receive minions from villain support charities...

But I'll definitely second the idea of a 'mad financier'.