Crono Trigger: The music, especially Lavos'es theme and Magus'es theme, and Lavos'es scream is haunting even after all these years, especially if YOU FAIL!

Final Fantasy VI: Very beautiful music. I love the game mechanics as well, and the summoning system. Celes'es attempted suicide is only one moment in gaming that sticks with me in that game.

Dragon Quest V: A very good and beautiful, but sometimes sad story line. The murder of a certain Papa, the "Stoning" of a certain main character, and later, the murder of a certain mama are all hallmarks of good story telling for early video games.

Dragon Quest IV: A five chapter system, charming and the original Dragon Quest IV's Taloon theme song, and Mara and Nara's theme song all sound great! I feel sorry for Psaro too, especially in the remake.

Dragon Age Origins: I hate Arl Howe. The Human Noble Origin is wonderfully written. Getting to kill Arl Howe is so satisfying.