Shiori stares at the sensei in surprise for a long moment before drifting the rest of the way towards the three people in a group. His eyes suddenly focus on them intently, flicking between each face as well as the figure of the last member moving towards them in a constant loop. As Kotetsu nears them, Shiori nods to himself. This should be close enough.

Each of the other four members of the group experience an odd sensory experience at the same time: a series of three light raps, as though someone was knocking on a door situated on the inside of their skull. A moment later, their brains are flooded with a sense of presence; each of them can suddenly sense where Shiori is standing relative to them in a rough way, though the sense doesn't quite correspond to any of their regular senses.

The words come a moment later. Soul Gems... do they contain actual souls? What are the repercussions if we're killing souled creatures, do you think?
No one ever talks about that... still, five isn't much, compared to the amount of creatures that die all over the world each and every day, so we can't be tipping the scale too far against us. Why, whole civilizations wither away from our neglect every morning when we wake, only to be reborn in a different way the next time we close our eyes... well, if we're lucky.

Oh, We can all talk faster here, and as long as I can see where you are and you're... a little less than 150 feet away from me, I can keep this going. I'm not one of--I'm not really
in your minds right now, see; it's more like I've made a dreamsc--a, a crossroads, or a town square. Yes, town square works. All of our minds are the houses that border the square, but all of the doors are still locked. The only thing anyone else can see is what you choose to display in the town square.

The voice falls silent for a moment, before abruptly starting again. Oh, manners, yes. Manners state that we are introduce ourselves first if we're initiating a transaction. My humblest apologies for my rudeness. My name is Ish--no, wait, that's not true anymore, it's Ya--no, no, I'm not supposed to say that one, even though it's now the true one, I'm supposed to lie, but not lie with what used to be true, um, ummm--Nyx! Nyx Shiori. Hello, my name is Nyx Shiori.

Spoiler: OOC (Note to other players)
Spending a Standard Action to activate Collective once everyone's in range. Everyone, Collective is willing participants only, so if your characters choose to opt out they can do so at any time as a free action on your own turn.