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Glad it's going well for you. I'd throw in some weighted squats or dead lifts but that's just me. Do you always do the same ab workout. You might check out the six pack shuffle from AthleanX. I do that every work out day (5 days a week) and it never the same twice. It comes with the programs I bought but I think it's only like 5 dollars for just that app and it's lifetime access. Don't quote me exactly but I know my son got it for pretty cheap.
Squats and deadlifts have too high of a chance to resprain my back right now, I do unweighted squats and some other unloaded exercises so I can eventually fix the muscles sprained in the car accident.

I used that before the car accident and will again in the future, but currently my maximum plank time is 40 seconds and I can only do 20 reaches before cramping. Trying to slowly get it back so nothing gets resprained.