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Thank you! How would you see it being used? I'd mainly imagine the eternal version being used by a player with a non-casting character who'd like access to just a little bit of a spellcasting element. Especially if the player had never / rarely tried a spellcasting class and just wanted to try a range of the options that such a class brings. But I'm not sure how much use the immediate version would see in the hands of any non-lunatic player, and the cursed deck is probably no more than an NPC encounter.
Many of the spells are a bit too powerful at lower levels, so I'd rule something like you can't use particular cards until you've reached an appropriate character level. I also see the deck as appealing even to casters given how much versatility it provides. Perhaps an ongoing side-quest during a campaign,where characters discover more and more of the cards?

The immediate and cursed versions are obviously less powerful, if a bit more fun. :)