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And you are right, at least about Shaman. One advantage they have over Warrior, is that their second Elysiana comes from Shudderwock and not from a bouncing effect, so it's one more useful card slot for the deck.

On the other hand, they have a weaker control shell.
It's a tad weaker, but not by much. Scheme, Hagatha Hero, and Lightning Storm give solid AoE, while Walking Fountain is pseudo AoE and Hagatha (Legendary) can discover AoE a good portion of the time. Hex is a better hard removal than anything Warrior has since it also bypasses Deathrattles, doesn't require Armor or Damage, and can mess up rez pools as well. And Witch's Brew is a great healing tool that can create massive swing turns.

They play in different ways, but I don't think it's weaker at all.